Where does your international research/engagement take place?

Please briefly describe your research/activity
Kubow received a grant contract in the amount of $20,000 from the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) that partners the IU School of Education with IIIT to virtually host at IUB the 2021 Symposium on Education in Muslim Societies: Implications for Policy, Pedagogy, and Development. A total of 20 papers will be chosen for presentation at the symposium and presenters are expected to ready their papers for publication in the Journal of Education in Muslim Societies (JEMS).

Why does your research/activity matter?
The Symposium will focus on examining the far-reaching scope of education and its implications for civil society as well as education systems and practices in Muslim countries and the Muslim Diaspora. The Symposium is designed to foster and disseminate groundbreaking research on the role of education in social change in Muslim societies. The papers that appear in JEMS, a journal published in collaboration with IIIT and Indiana University Press, will advance knowledge in the field of education.

What led you to this research/activity?
Kubow gave an invited presentation at the 2019 Symposium held at IUPUI in collaboration with the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy and IIIT. Through that connection, Kubow was asked if the IU School of Education would be willing to host the Symposium on Education in Muslim Societies in partnership with the Advancing Education in Muslim Societies initiative of IIIT.

What problem do you hope this research/activity will solve/what are your hopes for this work?
There is relatively little known in the West about how education is being advanced in Muslim societies and the Muslim diaspora. As such, the Symposium will create a forum for scholars working in education, youth development, curriculum reform, higher education, and civil society, among other fields, to learn from each other. In turn, that knowledge will be disseminated largely through JEMS. Another benefit is that the presentation videos will be available to IU faculty for classroom use.

How will your work create change for the better?
The Symposium is intended to shed light on the dynamic theory, practice, and understanding of education in Muslim societies and implications for civil society, including global migration and refugee education. We seek to draw proposals from across fields and disciplines (e.g., Education, Human Development, History, Political Science, Public Affairs, Religious Studies, and Sociology) in formal and non-formal, as well as governmental and non-governmental sectors, to learn how change is occurring.

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