Faculty Showcase

We would like to highlight the many ways that faculty research contributes to the mission of our department to improve learning and performance in diverse contexts. We are excited to present a variety of work, from simple solutions to complex projects, to demonstrate the contributions faculty is making to solve instructional and performance issues in education, the workplace, and other organizations.

Prof. Boling

Professor Elizabeth Boling

Participating Students: Muruvvet Demiral Uzan, Funda Ergulec, Rossevelt Faulkner, Meize Guo, Khendum Gyabak-Kumka, Ilona Hajdu, Megan Harris, Remzi Kizlboga, Zuheir Khlaif, Marge Treff

Planning for an Investigation into Core Beliefs: Studying ID Practice in Designers’ Terms 

A study investigating the design philosophies of practicing instructional designers presents interesting challenges in research design. Researchers want to understand views held by respondents that may not be directly available to them, or not available in the same terms as those used by researchers. Direct questioning may or may not give us access to these views. This roundtable will focus on these challenges and an interactive discussion of the study design we have planned.

Dr. Rigeluth

Dr. Charles Rigeluth

Participating Students: Yeol Huh, Eulho Jung, Minkyoung Kim, Dabae Lee

Systemic Transformation Research Group: Instructional Design and Technology for a New Paradigm of Education and Training

This session will open with a description of the goal of the research group: To advance knowledge about systemic transformation (paradigm change) in education and training, with respect to both what the new post-industrial paradigm of education should be like and how to help existing systems to transform to the new paradigm.  This will include brief descriptions of what paradigm change is, why it is needed now, what the new paradigm is like, and what process can help school systems to transform to the new paradigm.  This will be followed by a brief history of the research group.

The majority of this session will describe current activities of the research group.  This includes dissertation studies by the four Ph.D. students currently in the group, a book that describes instructional theory and technology for the new paradigm, a website development project to provide information about paradigm change in education, an iBook development project to provide similar information in an interactive format, and future plans for the research group.

Dr. Bonk

Dr. Curtis J. Bonk

Sharing Experiences of Simultaneous Open Access (Free) and Low Cost Book Publishing in Amazon CreateSpace

We have entered an age of self-publishing. With it, come many challenges, success stories, assorted expenses, and enhancements to one’s digital identity. There is also much fun. This book project on online motivation and retention was nearly a three-year journey in terms of writing and over a decade in terms of planning. After deciding not to use a traditional publisher as he had done in the past, Curt Bonk faced many decisions. Will he need a collaborator? Who would serve as editor? What about the book cover and other illustrations? He also had to find an copyeditor, proofreader, and indexer. When done, he had to find new ways to market and share the book as well as individual chapters from it. What book publishing services should he use? Should he make individual chapters available for mobile devices? What about the Kindle? In this talk, he will discuss these decisions and the overall book project, “Adding Some TEC-VARIETY: 100+ Activities for Motivating and Retaining Learners Online.” During this presentation, he will provide a few examples from the book on how to enhance online motivation and retention. Also included will be straightforward advice on getting a copyeditor, indexer, proofreading, graphic artist, etc. More on this book project (including a free PDF of it) can be found at: http://tec-variety.com/.

Dr. Cho

Dr. Yonjoo Cho

Participating Student: I Kadek Purnawan

The Interdisciplinary Nature of Instructional Technology

Instructional technology (IT) has claimed to have an interdisciplinary nature influenced by fields such as psychology, communication, and management (Ely, 2008). However, we did not identify outstanding evidences of the field’s interdisciplinary efforts, except with psychology (Cho, Park, Jo, & Suh, 2013). Neighboring fields are converging to improve organizational performance through learning, development, and innovations. IT shares common goals with neighboring fields including: ID (Demps, 2008; Hardré, 2003), HPT (Cho, Jo, Park, Kang, & Chen, 2011), HRD (Cho & Yoon, 2010; Ruona & Gibson, 2004), and workplace learning (Ghosh, 2014), to name a few. Relationships among IT and neighboring fields are mutually beneficial and necessary to IT’s continued relevance. As the unit of analysis in IT research becomes larger and more complex to investigate learning in diverse contexts, multiple perspectives and approaches to IT research are called for. We will present our research on the interdisciplinary nature of IT and implications for research and practice in the field.

Dr. Kwon

Dr. Kyungbin Kwon 

Use of practice tests for learning

The Design Showcase proposal will demonstrate a case implementing practice tests in a teacher education program.  It describes practice test procedures and web application invented for the purpose. In order to reveal educational benefits of the practice test, class grades and reflection on wrong answers will be analyzed.  It will provide preservice teachers with practical insights to use a test for improvement of learning gains.