Teacher Education Courses

E339 Methods of Teaching Language Arts in Elementary School (2-3 cr) 
Describes the methods, materials, and techniques employed in the elementary language arts program.

E340 Methods of Teaching Reading I (2-3 cr) 
Describes the methods, materials, and techniques employed in elementary school developmental reading programs.

E341 Methods of Teaching Reading II (2-3 cr) 
Prerequisites: E339 and E340. 
Describes the methods, materials, and techniques employed in diagnosis and corrective instruction in elementary school reading programs.

M464 Methods of Teaching Reading (3 cr) 
Focuses on middle, junior high, and senior high school. Curriculum, methods, and materials for teaching students to read more effectively.

M445 Methods of Teaching Foreign Language (1-4 cr) 
Development and practice of skills and techniques of teaching foreign languages, selection of content and materials, and evaluation of student and teacher performance. Micro-teaching laboratory included. This course should be taken during the semester immediately preceding student teaching.

M452 Methods of Teaching English in the Senior High/Junior High/Middle School (1-5) 
Methods, techniques, content, and materials applicable to the teaching of English in secondary schools, junior high schools, and middle schools. Experiences provided to assess on-going programs in public schools and to study materials appropriate for these programs.

M478 Methods of Teaching High School Speech (4) 
Focuses on theoretical and logistical issues related to the teaching and learning of speech and drama in the secondary classroom.