2022 HESA Master’s Students Research Exhibition

Each fall semester, both first-year and second-year master’s students are charged with engaging in research activities that explore relevant populations, issues, and experiences of individuals within college and university contexts. We invite and encourage IU HESA community members and other individuals interested in learning more about current trends and topics in student affairs and higher education to view the culminating presentations of work produced during the Fall 2022 academic term.

Second-Year Student Projects

First-Year Student Projects

Group Assessment Projects

The second-year master’s students spent 16 weeks developing research and assessment projects. In groups of four to five students, each group selected a topic of interest to study. In their endeavor, each group developed research questions, a literature review, collected data, analyzed data, and developed recommendations for research and practice. The video presentations and handouts are products of said research and assessment activities and serve as tools for each group to disseminate their work to leaders, scholars, and other key stakeholders with vested interest in higher education and student affairs. Each project includes a recorded presentation, an associated handout, and bios/reflections of each member of the research team.

Becoming the Reflection: Exploring the Experiences and Sense of Belonging of Black Women Graduate Students at Indiana University - Bloomington

Faith Baker, Lauren Harris, Jayla Langford, & Macarena Pelaez Salinas

Handout  Reflections

Champagne Problems? Sometimes Students Just Don't Know the Answer. Examining How Substance (Mis)Use Resources Provide Support and Aid in the Persistence of Indiana University Students

Kenneth Brown, Leah Bushey, Dimitri Heath, Joe Reyes, & Austin Van Horn

Handout  Reflections

Overworked and Underpaid: Manifestations of Burnout Among Student Affairs Professionals at Indiana University Bloomington

Jonathan Ada, Anna Riley, Meg Tobin, & Will Walker

Handout  Reflections

Repping Our Letters: Perceptions and Realities of LGBTQ+ Students in Greek Life

Esme Ceballos, Ruby Flores-Camacho, Anna Galvez, & Amin Saleh

Handout  Reflections

Rise and Shine: Football and Alcohol Culture at Indiana University Bloomington

Annie Delehanty, Ian Fournie, Jared Hunt, & Kirsten Stenger

Handout  Reflections

It's NOT a Small World After All: How Study Abroad Experiences Contribute to Undergraduate Students' Cultural Humility Development

Effy Cao, Jordan Hill, Kristen Kolodzik, Anny Lu, & Melissa Medin

Handout  Reflections

Academic Poster & Executive Brief

Our first-year master’s students researched student populations. The executive briefs and poster presentations are intended to be an introduction to college student populations. Given poster sessions are often part of professional association meetings as a means to present and discuss research and literature within the field, this assignment offers our first year students a way to share literature and research with colleagues. The executive briefs offer a summary of the academic poster content, as well as recommended resources. Each project includes a recorded presentation, academic poster, and executive brief.

Latino/a Students

Olivia Ayon & Jasmin Perez

Brief  Poster

First-Generation College Students

Evan Bonello & Jennifer Argumedo

Brief  Poster

Transgender Students in Postsecondary Education

Gillian Dauer & Bekka Zawisza

Brief  Poster

LGBQA+ Undergraduate Students

Rachel Downey, Mikala Leath, & Maddy Mead

Brief  Poster

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

David Eron & Gregory Clark

Brief  Poster

Immigrant-Origin Students

Samantha Huang & Ring Te

Brief  Poster

Black Men at Predominately White Institutions

Ayanna Samuels &amp Kandace Rippy

Brief  Poster

International Students in U.S. Higher Education

Michael Ivy & Jill Romack

Brief  Poster

Multiracial Students Academic Poster

Serena Reyes & Maddie Stephens

Brief  Poster