Learning Sciences

Understand how people of all ages learn, both in and out of school. Some of the questions our faculty pursue are: What are the best strategies for ensuring that students excel in science, math, and technology? How can we better leverage digital media to create innovative environments for learning that both excites learners and deepens understanding? How can we better understand interest-driven learning spaces where learning seems to flow “naturally,” and how can we use these approaches to transform education? What do our hobbies indicate about the ways we learn most effectively?

Immerse yourself in the rich history of thinking about learning and acquire a deep understanding of how the notion of learning has evolved over time. By understanding how learners, teachers, peers, family members, guides, instructional materials and technology interact; you can create new innovative learning environments, improve existing ones, and assess their impact for children and adults in a wide array of settings including schools, museums, after-school programs, and online spaces or games, just to name a few.

Our researchers receive funding from the National Science Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, and NASA, among others, and our graduates are in demand by organizations ranging from the U.S. military to Fortune 100 corporations.

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