Kathryn Engebretson

Associate Professor; Associate Department Chair

About Me

My work focuses on controversial issues, the social studies, and gender. My teaching includes multicultural education at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as elementary social studies methods for undergraduate students. In both my teaching and scholarship, I take a feminist stance pedagogically and philosophically thus allowing for this perspective to guide topics and issues of interest. My specialty is ethnographic research and discourse analysis, specifically concentrating on gender equity and women's empowerment domestically and internationally. Selections of my published work can be found in Gender and Education and the Journal of Social Studies Research.

I am currently accepting doctoral students in teacher education, curriculum studies, and social studies education. I am looking for students whose interests align with my passion for ethnography, equity, and preservice teacher education. My current students have experience in both elementary and secondary schools. Research conducted under my direction include:

  • Race and whiteness in preservice teacher experience,
  • Preservice teacher thinking around justice and activism, and
  • Classroom design as an influence on student behavior.

I seek and value working with students who are from diverse backgrounds and are committed to educational equity.

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