Social Studies Education

Help students become active and engaged citizens.

Passionate and engaged social studies educators do more than introduce their students to history, government, geography, and other social sciences. They help their students develop the critical perspective to become informed and active participants in a democratic society.

Whether you’re a new teacher or an experienced educator who wants to move into a leadership position, we have a program for you.

Social Studies Interview Project

Graduate Student and Associate Instructor Ryan Cowden conducted a series of interviews with local and national social studies educators, allowing them to share their wide range of experiences as well as advice for current and aspiring educators.

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Depending on your program, you’ll also have the opportunity to gain valuable classroom experience in Indiana schools, or to participate in school-based research locally, nationally, and internationally.

Career options for social studies education students include teaching in elementary, middle, and high schools, teaching and research at the university level, or working in government and non-profit educational organizations, including museums.

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