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Navajo Nation Program

You don’t have to leave the United States to have a new cultural experience. Through our Navajo Nation Program, you’ll live and work for a full semester on a Navajo Reservation in Arizona, New Mexico, or Utah. There, you’ll teach in either a public reservation school or a Bureau of Indian Education school.

Your engagement doesn't end when classes do, however. In exchange for room and board in reservation dorms, you’ll coordinate after-school activities for students staying in the dorms, provide tutoring and homework assistance, and even work in the dorm cafeteria.

The goal is to become a part of the community. You may visit students’ homes, develop personal friendships with the adults you work with at school and in the dorms, attend tribal council meetings, and observe and participate in tribal celebrations and ceremonies.

Many students are so energized by their teaching experiences that they go on to full-time teaching positions in their placement communities.

What You’ll Teach

You can expect to teach classes in your licensing areas (elementary education, secondary mathematics, visual arts, etc.).

Components of the Program

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Eligibility Requirements

Participants must meet all the School of Education’s eligibility requirements for student teaching, which include:

  • GPA requirements for your licensure area
  • Completion of all professional course work toward your degree
  • For foreign-language majors, a passing score on the Foreign Language Proficiency exam (usually taken at the end of your junior year)
What It Costs

Students will be responsible for their regular IU tuition, as well as fees related to student teaching and practicum coursework. Students are also responsible for travel and living expenses during their stay.

Room and board is generally provided for free or at greatly reduced cost in exchange for participants' contributions to the school's extracurricular and residential programs (tutoring and homework help, athletics and other activities, chaperoning field trips).

Financial aid is available for students who want to participate in the Navajo Nation Program. See scholarship opportunities for Global Gateway participants »

Staff Members of the Navajo Nation Program

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How to Apply

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