Counseling Minor

We are all created equal, but each of us is wonderfully unique. Effective communication skills are integral to all types of interaction. The ability to conceptualize the perspective of others and the challenges they face will be valuable in professional and personal settings. This 15-credit minor prepares you to interact with others, recognize and appreciate their strengths and assist them in formulating appropriate solutions.

  • Admissions Requirements
    Direct Admit Scholars

    To be considered for direct admission into the School of Education, students must first be admitted to IU with an intended major within the School of Education. Students who meet the Direct Admit Scholars qualifications are invited to apply to the program.

    Certification from University Division

    Students should meet with a University Division advisor, who can provide guidance in meeting certification requirements. These requirements include:

    • An overall IU grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher
    • 30 credit hours of college level coursework completed
    • Completion of EDUC-G203: Communication for Youth Serving Professionals, with a grade of C or better. (Under certain circumstances, students may substitute another college level public speaking or interpersonal communication class.)

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  • Financial Aid

    We offer a range of scholarships for qualified students. Current students can be considered for most School of Education scholarships by completing one application each year.

    We also encourage students to visit Student Central for information about financial assistance.

    If you are a prospective student who applies to our Direct Admit Scholars program, you’ll be considered for scholarship opportunities as an entering freshman.

  • Licensing

    This minor does not directly lead to licensure to practice counseling. Your experience in these courses can help you understand how to pursue formal graduate training in counseling-related fields, such as school psychology, counseling, counseling psychology, social work, and clinical psychology.

  • Who Should Enroll?

    If you are pursuing a career in a profession which requires interaction with diverse populations, then this program is for you. Students who have completed this minor have embarked on careers as:

    • Academic Advisors
    • Business Managers
    • Coaches
    • Customer Service Professionals
    • Medical Professionals
    • Non-profit Organization Administrators
    • Public Health Workers
    • School Administrators
    • Teachers
    • Youth Service Agency Professionals

I am working with kids in the Indianapolis Public Schools, and I can honestly say that of all the classes I took as an undergrad, the counseling ones have been the most helpful for what I am doing now and for my future plans.

Margo Weber, Class of 2014


You will demonstrate knowledge, awareness and skills to access resources and become an effective professional in your field. Through coursework and practice, you will improve your interpersonal communication and advanced listening skills. This program provides instruction to help you become more attentive to multicultural and social justice issues that impact the lives of others.

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