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English as a New Language (ENL)

Graduate License Addition

Assist English language learners in developing their English language and academic skills. The English as a New Language (ENL) license addition program provides the professional preparation necessary to help English language learners from pre-K through Grade 12.

This program is designed for teachers who have completed an initial license. To earn an additional teaching area in English as a New Language, you must apply to the program to be enrolled. You will be licensed for ENL teaching at the same school setting or developmental level as those indicated on your initial license. 

  • Application Deadlines
    Starting SemesterDeadline
    Fall Mar 1
    Spring Nov 1
    Summer Mar 1
    International students are encouraged to apply early to allow extra time for their materials to arrive.
  • Admission Requirements

    In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Graduate Studies Office will accept unofficial transcripts and self-reported test scores for admission reviews. Any admission made with these documents would be conditioned on receipt of official documents, which should be provided as soon as possible.

    Note: If you are currently enrolled or have applied in the past year, you should qualify for an application fee waiver. Click here for criteria and how to obtain the waiver.

    1. Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution
    2. Minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.50 out of 4.00
    3. Completed online application that includes:
      • Personal statement
      • Two letters of recommendation

    Learn more about how to apply

  • Program Requirements
    • Tuition and Fees

      Per credit hour

      IN Resident$450.93

      *Does not include fees, which will vary depending on the number of credits enrolled. Find more information and calculate your expected costs at Student Central.

    • Funding
      • Learn about the variety of fellowships and assistantships available to graduate students.
      • Visit Student Central for information about financial assistance.
      • Consult your employer about the availability of tuition reimbursement or tuition assistance programs.
      • Active duty military, veterans, and military families should visit the Center for Veteran and Military Students to take full advantage of available financial assistance and educational benefits.
    • Coursework

      Foundations of Language: 3 credits

      Choose one of the following:

      • EDUC-L539 Language Foundations for ESL/EFL (offered online)
      • LING-L503 Introduction to Linguistic Analysis
      • SLST-T510 Modern English Grammar
      • SLST-T532 Models of Second Language Acquisition
      • SPHS-S539 Language Acquisition & Bilingualism in Children

      Note: You may take one of these courses before admission to the teacher education program or the ESL License Program.

      Literacy Foundations: 3 credits

      Choose one of the following:

      • EDUC-L501 Critical Reading in the Content Area
      • EDUC-L502 Socio-Psycholinguistics Applications to Reading Instruction

      Foundations in Socio-Cultural Issues: 3 credits

      • EDUC-L524 Language Issues in Bilingual & Multicultural Education

      ESL Literacy Methods: 3 credits

      Choose one of the following:

      • EDUC-L504 Identifying & Working with Learner Literacy Difficulties
        Prerequisite: Completion of an undergraduate methods course & teaching experience or permission from the instructor
      • EDUC-L517 Advanced Study of Content Reading and Literacy
      • EDUC-L530 Reading Instruction for ESL Teachers (offered online)
      • EDUC-L541 Writing Instruction for ESL/EFL Teachers (offered online)

      Note: You must complete all requirements above before enrolling in the practicum courses.

      Methods of Classroom Application: 7 - 9 credits

      • EDUC-L520 Advanced Study of Second/Foreign Language Teaching & EDUC-M501 Field Experience (1 cr.)

      and one of the following

      • EDUC-L530 Teaching ESL/EFL to Young Learners (offered online)
      • EDUC-L530 Materials Development for ESL/EFL
      • EDUC-L540 ESL/EFL Approaches to Instruction & Assessment

      Student Teaching/Practicum & Portfolio: 1 - 8 credits

      • EDUC-L525 Student Teaching Practicum (1 - 4 cr.)
      • EDUC-M550 Practicum (Variable Title) (1 - 8 cr.)

    If you are a native speaker of English, you must present competence in a foreign language equivalent to two (2) semesters of university foreign language work or two years of high school foreign language. If you do not have such coursework, then you must pass an examination in foreign language at an equivalent level to the above. Credit earned by examination and records on your college transcript may be used toward fulfillment of these requirements.

    If you are non-native speaker of English, then you must achieve oral proficiency in English equivalent to the ACTFL/ETS Oral Proficiency Examination at the level of at least Intermediate High (1+). It is preferable that you achieve the Advanced (2) level on the examination. You must also score a minimum of 550 on the TOEFL Examination.

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