Miller named among most impactful women in higher education

Vanessa Miller has been recognized as one of the most impactful women in higher education in a special report from Diverse: Issues in Higher Education.

Miller, an assistant professor in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, said her first reaction to seeing her name on the list was disbelief, adding, “I felt this overwhelming sense of admiration for all the women who have been included in years prior. I felt so incredibly lucky to be considered amongst them.”

In honor of Women’s History Month, the newest edition of Diverse highlights 40 women who have made a difference by tackling some of higher education’s toughest challenges, exhibiting extraordinary leadership skills, and making a positive difference in their respective communities. Miller’s recent work includes an article on the legal authority of campus police, “A National Survey and Critical Analysis of University Police Statutes,” a project more than two years in the making that will be published in the Buffalo Law Review this spring. She also contributed a chapter, “A Critical Legal Analysis of Campus Police Authority,” in a new, edited volume on campus police and safety. 

Miller also recently received a School of Education Proffitt Summer Faculty Fellowship grant to research how school police are using advanced technologies to surveil students and whether those practices are reflection in school policies.

“I am enthusiastic about all of the work I do because my work is rooted in paradigms of liberation and justice,” she added. “Engaging in this work is a true privilege.”