Svetina’s work on advisory panel to help state commission for legal education

Dubravka Svetina has been named to an advisory panel that oversees accreditation related to legal practices. Svetina, an Associate Professor in Counseling and Educational Psychology, was appointed to the Indiana Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Advisory Panel for Attorney Specialization as a psychometric consultant last summer.  

As a consultant, Svetina has the opportunity to lend her psychometric expertise to the panel’s review of an application that was submitted to the commission for accreditation. 

“The work fits greatly with my research and area of expertise (assessment and psychometrics), because as a psychometric consultant, I am tasked with reviewing exams and exam materials, and provide a determination whether the exams are able to produce valid and reliable scores, and whether best practice in exam constructions were applied in creation the examination,” she explained.

The panel is a significant service by Svetina and another example of the School of Education’s many contributions to the community. 

“This work intersects with my two passions and interests: my professional passion for psychometrics and my personal interest in law,” Svetina said. “I view it as a great opportunity to be able to contribute in small parts to the larger mission and goals of the CLE. Agreeing to be nominated and to serve was an easy decision - I already can see potential and impact the work the panel had directly in the practice of law.”