'Nat 20 to Heal': A suicide prevention story created by School of Education students

Students worked on "Nat 20 to Heal" in person before the pandemic struck.  Photo courtesy of Gus Weltsek

A group of talented IU School of Education students spent over a year planning a suicide-prevention-themed play that they transformed into a Zoom film once the pandemic struck.

The film is now complete and will have an official debut later this year.

Gus Weltsek, an assistant professor in the IU School of Education, assigned the project in his classes, asking students to create a meaningful play of their choosing.

"The students needed to know that this was about them," Weltsek said. "This was about their space, so whatever topic we took, it wasn't just about giving a message to an audience, but that their journey was going to be a discovery of exploration and healing."

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