Gustave Weltsek

Associate Professor

Curriculum and Instruction
Academic Programs:
Arts Education
ED 3226
(812) 856-8158

About Me

My work emerges from a commitment to issues of social justice and equity. Primary to this is a positioning of "education" as a critical performative pedagogy where;

“…classrooms are perceived as spaces where students and teachers perform and imagine multiple social realities and texts addressing political issues, moving beyond superficial understandings of ‘difference’, ‘the other,’ or assumed ‘naïve’ notions of empowerment and instead explore the embedded multiplicity of discourses” Weltsek and Medina (2007)

Along these lines my research, scholarship, artistic activity, and teaching find the use of "Arts" as a means to engage in creative spaces primary to our ability as a species to imagine, create and act within and across multiple possible worlds.

Theatre, drama and the performative are for me socio-cultural scientific, educational and research rich spaces to engage in creation, imagination and politically powerful playfulness.

I've taught at Ivy Tech Community College in Bloomington where I served as the Chair of the Humanities and Fine Arts Department. I have served as the editor of the Youth Theatre Journal and been a recipient of the American Alliance of Theatre and Education’s (AATE) research award. In addition to my work locally, I have served on the faculty at the University of Puerto Rico and the University of British Columbia.

For over four years now I have worked with the student group Emergent Theatre creating works based in social justice and equity, though Diversity Training and multiple theatre strategies.

A sampling of my publications are;

  • Weltsek, G. (2016). Arts infusion and literacy achievement within underserved communities: A matter of equity. Arts Education Policy Review.
  • Weltsek, G., et al. (2011). “When Achievement Data Meet Drama and Arts Integration”. Language Arts, 88(5), 365-372.
  • Iona, R, Weltsek, G and Tabone, C. (2015) “A Study on the Relationship? between Theater Arts and Student Literacy and Mathematic?s Achievement?t” Journal of Learning Through the Arts.
  • Weltsek, G.J., Duffy, P.B., Carney, C.L. (2014). The Local and Global State of Theater Education Research and Policy. Arts Education Policy Review, 115(3), 63 – 71.
  • Weltsek, G. (2014). “Drama as Critical Literacy”. In Teaching Dilemmas & Solutions in the Content-Area Literacy Grades 6012. Ed. Flanagan and Smagorinsky. CA: Corwin Press.
  • Weltsek, G., Medina, C.L., &.Coggin, L. (2014). Foregrounding Emergence, Embodiment, and Critical Practices: Performance pedagogies in literacy methods. In J. Brass and A. Webb (Eds.), Teaching the English language arts methods: Contemporary methods and practices. New York: Routledge.
  • Weltsek, G., Medina, C.L. (2014) “Global Markets/Global Englishes, Drama and Discourses in Colonial Spaces”. Youth Theatre Journal. 28 (1): 18-31.
  • Weltsek, G., Ociepka , A. (2011). “Reading the Maps of Meaning Within Drama: Visible Discourse(s), Multimodal Semiotics, and Analogous Reflection in Applied Theatre Inquiry”, Youth Theatre Journal, 25(2), 120-133.

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