Faculty share international education expertise

Beth Samuelson and Patricia Kubow

Two faculty members have been recognized for their experience in global teacher education with involvement in the Global Teacher Education Fellows Program this year.

Beth Samuelson, Associate Professor of Literacy, Culture and Language Education, has been named a 2020-2021 fellow in the Global Teacher Education (GTE) Fellows Program. The goal of the GTE Fellows Program, part of the Longview Foundation, is to provide support for select U.S. teacher educators to design Global Learning Classrooms for their teacher candidates and to contribute to a broader network of teacher educators interested in this topic. 

Patricia Kubow, Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies and Curriculum and Instruction, served as a Mentor for one of the Spring 2020 Fellows, Elena Aydarova, Assistant Professor of Social Foundations at Auburn University. Mentors are senior faculty with expertise in global teacher education and are responsible for providing resources to, and consulting with, their GTE Fellow to incorporate global learning outcomes and accompanying pedagogy into initial teacher education courses. In addition to participating in webinars with Fellows and mentors, Kubow shared about the education of Syrian urban refugee children and youth in Jordan and ways to introduce the global issue of conflict migration and displacement into U.S. teacher education. The concepts, pedagogical tools and resources that she shared with the Longview Foundation are being integrated into her own courses to aid students’ learning about refugees amidst displacement and contributes toward Kubow’s development of a theory of child voice and social ontology to inform citizenship education studies.