Gallimore wins prestigious IU fellowship

Shanalee Gallimore

Shanalee Gallimore, a third-year doctoral student in the Higher Education and Student Affairs program, has won the John H. Edwards fellowship from the University Graduate School.

The fellowship, one of the most distinguished fellowships awarded to graduate students at IU, is given to a student that demonstratesgood citizenship, character and an attitude toward public service, amongst other qualifications. Recipients receive $25,000 as part of the award.

Gallimore said she experienced an array of emotions from disbelief to tears of joy when she found out she won the fellowship. The fellowship will award her the gift of time.

“Time to really focus on finishing up my coursework as well as time to finalize my dissertation topic, and to fully immerse myself into my research,” she said. “For the past three years, I have worked various assistantships like many graduate students, so this fellowship has taken a heavy weight off my shoulders, and I am looking forward to what this next year holds.”


Giving back to my community is important to me because so many people have poured into me so I can be here today.

Shanalee Gallimore

Besides her Ph.D., Gallimore is also minoring in counseling psychology. As a future higher education professional, her goal is to help change the narrative for students who are from a minoritized and marginalized background who believe that their dreams are unattainable. 

“My research interest lies in Black women in STEM and their experiences with mental health as they progress towards their degrees and careers,” she explained. “Through my research and my profession, I will work towards helping to create an environment in which minorities do not have to deny certain parts of their identities in order to be considered successful. Although this endeavor may take a while, it is a challenge I look forward to embracing.”

Besides her studies at the School of Education, Gallimore is very involved around IU: besides other activities, she’s President of the Black Graduate Student Association and Mentoring and Professional Affiliates Co-Coordinator for I CAN Persist.

When she thinks about her educational journey, Gallimore says the word gratitude comes up a lot: “Gratitude towards people like my high school guidance counselor, Dr. Jeraline Johnson, and my former supervisors, Dr. Maurice Edington and Mrs. Enda Cofield. Their investment in my growth and future is partially why I am here today and being awarded the John H. Edwards fellowship for my voluntary public service,” she said.

“Giving back to my community is important to me because so many people have poured into me so I can be here today,” she added. “I am forever grateful for my community here at IU and their continued support, and the opportunity to volunteer with the Special Olympics organization in high school. Volunteering with this organization exposed me to public service work and the athlete’s dedication to their craft showed me that life’s journey is not a sprint but a marathon.”