Museus receives award for work in student affairs

Sam Museus

Sam Museus, an Associate Professor of Higher Education and Student Affairs at the School of Education, has been recognized with an award from the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators. The 2018 Robert H. Shaffer Award for Academic Excellence as a Graduate Faculty Member is presented to a recipient who has worked with graduate students, has a distinguished record of scholarly achievements and has contributed to scholarly associations.

Museus remarked he was extremely honored to receive the award: “I am also very appreciative the association values the work that we do at the National Institute for Transformation and Equity (NITE) to help colleges and universities understand how to cultivate more inclusive and equitable institutions.”

Museus is the founding director of NITE, an organization working to survey students, faculty and staff on college campuses around the nation so they have more comprehensive set of assessment tools to help move them toward more inclusive and equitable environments.

“We are also excited to launch several new research projects and partnerships to understand how colleges campuses and educators are changing to be more equitable, and help facilitate this transformation at institutions around the nation,” Museus said.

Museus will receive his award in March. The award is named for Robert Shaffer, a faculty emeritus at the School of Education and pioneer in the field of student affairs.