Undergraduate Studies Committee

Undergraduate Studies Committee

This committee is concerned with policies and procedures related to undergraduate programs and courses that do not lead directly to teacher licensure. The committee reviews all non-licensure undergraduate course and program proposals, changes, and initiatives; provides oversight of the quality of non-licensure undergraduate courses and programs; and advises the Policy Council and Dean (and/or his/her designee) on other matters related to non-licensure undergraduate education, including admissions, advising, academic appeals, and student recruitment and retention.

Members (2022-2023)

B. SamuelsonC&I20-23
J. BrooksCEP21-24
R. MartinezCEP22-25
D. WyattStaff
A. HarrisStudent
J. SheddAssociate Dean, Office of Undergraduate EducationEx-Officio
J. AndersonAssociate Dean for Undergraduate EducationEx-Officio

Committee Reports

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