Promotion, Tenure, and Contracts Committee

Promotion, Tenure, and Contracts Committee

The concerns of this committee shall be restricted to reviewing dossiers and making recommendations regarding individual faculty promotion and tenure awards. All members of the Promotions, Tenure and Contracts Committee shall be tenured faculty.

Members (2022-2023)

K. WohlwendC&I20-23
J. LesterCEP20-23
S. Coronel-MolinaC&I20-23
V. AkersonC&I20-23
B. Levinson, chairELPS20-23
R. MartinezCEP21-24
D. ShribergCEP21-24
Z. PetersonCEP21-24
H. SchertzC&I21-24
B. DennisCEP22-25
V. BordenELPS22-25
V. TorresExecutive Associate DeanEx-Officio

Committee Reports

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