Graduate Studies, Recruitment, Admissions, & Financial Aid Committee

Graduate Studies, Recruitment, Admissions, & Financial Aid Committee

This committee shall be concerned with policies and procedures related to graduate programs and graduate courses. Specific duties include: making recommendations regarding all aspects of graduate study, reviewing all graduate level course and program changes and initiatives, providing oversight of the quality of graduate course and program offerings, and advising the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies on matters related to the operation of that office. It shall also provide advice on policies and matters of student recruitment, admissions, fellowships, scholarships and placement.

The Graduate Studies Committee was combined with the Recruitment, Admissions & Financial Aid Committee as determined by the 2010 Constitution. All documents pertaining to both previous committees have been included here.

Course and Program Proposal Approval Process

Members (2023-2024)

L. LePeauELPS21-24
D. Svetina ValdiviaCEP22-25
M. Park Rogers, ChairC&I22-25
A. PickardLDAE23-26
M. TreffLDAE23-26
P. CarspeckenCEP23-26
M. MooreELPS23-26
Dept Alternates  
S. HuangCEP21-24
A. WaltonELPS21-24
F. PawanLDAE23-26
V. AkersonC&I23-26
L. Chrapliwy Staff
A. TandonStudent
T. Nelson LairdAssociate Dean for Graduate StudiesEx-Officio
M. BootsAssistant Director of Graduate StudiesEx-Officio

Committee Reports