Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The School of Education is committed to actively seeking out and providing support for passionate, committed students from a wide range of backgrounds, whose perspective informs our research, outreach programs, and student teaching curriculum.

Prospective and Current Undergraduate Students

Prospective and Current Graduate Students

  • Get advice from other graduate students. Connect with a University Graduate School Student Emissary. It’s a great way to get a student’s perspective on navigating Indiana University and the Bloomington community. And once you master the school, you can join these organizations and help other graduate students.

Indiana University Community

The Indiana University community is made of up more than 42,000 students from all 50 states and over 130 countries. Every day, you’ll have a chance to meet new people and have new experiences learning about different cultures and points of view. It’s the best possible environment for preparing for your work as an educator who engages with all kinds of people.

Cultural Experiences

One of the things students love most about the IU Bloomington community is getting a chance to be exposed to new ideas and new cultures. All the cultural centers on campus are open to everyone and offer social and cultural experiences that are inspiring and eye-opening.

Support Networks

There are people who are here support you and help you succeed. We understand that the strongest support sometimes comes from people who share your experiences and background.

Bloomington Community

Bloomington, Indiana is a welcoming community that offers a high quality of life for both students and residents. It is a classic college town that is known for its culture, arts, and sports and recreation. Most people who have an opportunity to live in Bloomington for some period in their lives value the beauty of the campus, the international food scene, and the low cost of living.

Global Community

Our roots are in Indiana. Our reach is global. You’ll find IU School of Education graduates working on every continent.

Overseas Teaching Experiences

We believe that international teaching experiences have lasting value for every educator, no matter whether they choose to teach in Indiana or India. Through our Global Gateway for Teachers Program, we make it possible for IU undergraduates to teach in one of 18 foreign countries. Teachers with at least one year in the classroom can take part in the Experienced Teacher Program, partnering with host teachers at schools around the world.

Visiting Scholars Program

Each year, the School of Education welcomes educators from around the world to our campus as part of the Visiting Scholars program. Here, they collaborate with School of Education faculty on research projects that implications for schools around the world.

International Research Partnerships

The Center on Social Studies and International Education is committed to sharing IU expertise with schools and educators around the world.

International Programs Committee

The International Programs Committee promotes and enhances the international mission of the School of Education by initiating and developing policy recommendations concerning international issues. The Committee also works to develop curricula and programs with international emphases, gathering and disseminating information pertinent to international scholarship and cooperation, and serve as a liaison with university-wide international committees and offices.