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I am Professor of ESL/EFL Teacher Professional Development. I have been in the Department of Instructional Systems Technology (IST) since July 1, 2020. I research and design in-person and online professional development programs (PD) for professionals, including second/foreign language teachers. By PD, I mean programs that support and enable practicing professionals to sustain, enhance and put forward their expertise. I have developed PD projects at multiple locations, for example in 25 Indiana school districts, for teachers in Beijing Normal University & in Yunnan Province in China, University of Costa Rica in San Ramon, South Eastern European University in Tetovo, Republic of Northern Macedonia and Boğaziçi University in Istanbul, Turkey. In 2012, I initiated the one of the first online EFL/ESL Peace Corps Masters International Program.

My current projects now involve culturally- and linguistically-inclusive online PD programs for content area teachers as well as PD programs that utilize teacher online learning presence.

Below are three example articles that reflect the PD focus in my work:

  • Mokko, M. & Pawan, F. (2021). Working toward a reconceptualization of effective TESOL teachers’ professional development through “Personal Learning Networks.” Journal of Global Literacies, Technologies, and Emerging Pedagogies, VII, (1), 1335-1349.
  • Ding, A. E., & Pawan, F. (2020). Multimodal identity construction and stance-taking of technology-using language teachers. In B. Yazan & K. Lindahl, Language teacher identity in TESOL: Teacher education and practice as identity work, (pp. 83-100). Routledge Taylor Francis.
  • Pawan, F. & Pu, H. (2019, February). Methods as interpretation and glocalization, not application: Water far away will not put out nearby fires. TESL-EJ, 22 (4). Retrieved from: http://tesl-ej.org/pdf/ej88/a7.pdf

The courses I currently teach are as follows:

  • R711: Readings & Research in Instructional Systems Technology (Doctoral)
  • R690: Application of Research Methods to Instructional Systems Technology (Doctoral)
  • D625: EFL/ESL in Adult Education (Doctoral & Masters)

I also provide here a link to a culturally- and linguistically-inclusive online PD program, that I developed with my team. It is a free, self-paced 8-hour course. Feel free to use the information and to disseminate the course to those who might find it useful.

URL: https://expand.iu.edu/browse/office-of-school-partnerships/courses/culturally-and-linguistically-inclusive-online-teaching. (For non-IU individuals, to enter the course, create a guest account at: https://login.iu.edu/guest/new

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