About Me

I am an associate professor in the Counseling Psychology Program. I have a master’s degree in program evaluation and a doctorate in school psychology, both from the University of Texas at Austin. I have published widely in two educational areas: (1) learning disability prevention and intervention (particularly in reading) and (2) English learners. Since joining the Counseling Psychology program in 2018, my research interests have pivoted but stem from my expertise and interest in both disability and multiculturalism. My work today focuses on (1) psychological wellness in women and girls (and people identified as female at birth) who are high functioning and autistic, and (2) racial and social justice in mental health practice.

In addition to being a researcher, I am a licensed psychologist and have a small private practice where I treat clients for a range of psychological issues, but primarily work with high functioning females on the autism spectrum. I approach my clinical work from feminist and Cognitive Behavioral theoretical orientations.

I am accepting doctoral students in Counseling Psychology for the 2021-2022 academic year whose research and clinical interests align with mine.

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