About Me

Dr. Rebecca Martinez has worked with children, adolescents, and adults in various capacities as a bilingual elementary teacher, school psychologist, consultant, public speaker, university professor, clinical supervisor, coach, expert witness, and psychologist. Her most important role, however, is being a mommy to two delightful young children!

Dr. Martinez’s research background is multifaceted. Broadly, her work to date has focused on three separate but related stands: (1) remediation of academic failure (especially reading) in schools; (2) culturally responsive practices (especially with English language learners), and (3) professional issues in school psychology trainees.

Dr. Martinez will launch a new research team/lab with her two advisees in Spring 2019 (Quillian and Lauren L.). We welcome other team members to join us! Doctoral and motivated master’s and undergraduate students should contact me if interested in joining our lab.

The specific areas we will explore include: (1) Factors that ensure first-generation students and faculty of color thrive in the academy; (2) Implementation science and fostering community-university partnerships; (3) cognitive-behavioral interventions with anxious youth (including extending Dr. Wong’s work on gratitude); and (4) professional issues/supervision issues in counseling psychology trainees. We also will be exploring new methods of inquiry, including narrative identity.