Career Services

Smart, passionate educators are always in demand. Each year, we help the vast majority of our education students find their first teaching job. If you’re ready to make a commitment to your career, our Ed Careers Office can help you find the position that’s just right for you.

The process begins by identifying your top career priorities. Then our job search advisors will help you focus your search on the schools and districts that are the best fit.

We’ll also help you make a strong first impression. Work with us to create better resumes and cover letters that get you noticed. Get easy-to-use tips on building your professional network. And practice your interview skills with experienced educators who’ll prepare you to perform under pressure.

We can also help you maintain a digital portfolio of your teaching credentials that you can continue to use throughout your career. Upload certifications, transcripts, letters of recommendation, and other materials you want to share with prospective employers. When you’re ready to apply, you’ll have everything you need in one convenient location.


Meet Our Staff

Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of new teachers start their careers and experienced teachers take on bigger and better challenges. No matter where you are in the job search process, we can offer expert advice on what you need to do to land your dream job.