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Mathematics Education

There is a shortage of middle- and high-school mathematics teachers and of university-level mathematics teacher educators. Although there are no national rankings of mathematics education programs, our program has a reputation as one of the best in the country for graduate-level teacher preparation and for university-level teacher educators.

IU Mathematics Education faculty are well-known for their research in student learning, teacher preparation, assessment, technology, and a number of other areas.

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As a master’s level student in mathematics education, you’ll learn new strategies for engaging students, from standards-based teaching to appropriate uses of technology in the mathematics classroom.

Doctoral programs combine a strong emphasis on research with the background to work in teacher education, curriculum development, and mathematics teaching.


Although the program is based in Bloomington, faculty from the IUPUI and IUPUC campuses work with graduate students in a variety of ways. All faculty members have teaching experience at the K-12 and university levels and are nationally recognized researchers in topics related to mathematics education. Our research interests include the use of project-based mathematics instruction, how psychological development affects students’ ability to learn mathematics, strategies for assessing mathematics knowledge, and best practices for educating future mathematics educators.

From left to right: Enrique Galindo, Erik Tillema, Amy Hackenberg, Cathy Brown, Gina Yoder, Dionne Cross, Peter Kloosterman, Crystal Hill Morton, and Craig Willey

Pictured from left to right: Enrique Galindo (IUB), Erik Tillema (IUPUI), Amy Hackenberg (IUB), Cathy Brown (IUPUC), Gina Borgioli Yoder (IUPUI), Dionne Cross (IUB), Peter Kloosterman (IUB), Crystal Hill Morton (IUPUC), Craig Willey (IUPUI)

Not pictured: Diana Lambdin (emeritus), Richard Lesh (emeritus), Frank Lester (emeritus), Sara Sturgeon (IUB secretary), Kathryn Essex (IUPUC), Crystal Walcott (IUPUC)

IUPUI Faculty
IUPUC Faculty
  • Catherine Brown, Head, Division of Education/Director, Center for Teacher and Learning, Professor, Mathematics Education
  • N. Kathryn Essex, Assistant Professor, Foundations Education
  • Crystal Y. Walcott, Assistant Professor, Mathematics Education
IUB Faculty
  • Dionne Cross Francis, Associate Professor of Mathematics Education
  • Enrique Galindo, Associate Professor of Mathematics Education
  • Amy Hackenberg, Associate Professor of Mathematics Education
  • Erik Jacobson, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education
  • Peter Kloosterman, Martha Lea and Bill Armstrong Chair for Teacher Education 2010-2015; Professor Emeritus of Mathematics Education
  • Diana Lambdin, Martha Lea and Bill Armstrong Chair for Teacher Education (2005-2010) and Emerita Professor (Mathematics Education and Teacher Education)
  • Richard Lesh, Professor Emeritus
  • Frank Lester, Emeritus Chancellor's Professor of Education, Martha Lea & Bill Armstrong Professor of Teacher Education 2000-2005 & Emeritus Professor of Mathematics Education and of Cognitive Science
  • Sarah Lubienski, Professor

Career options for mathematics education students run the gamut from teaching in middle and high schools to teaching education and mathematics at the university level. If you’re new to teaching, our education careers advisors can help you with your job search. If you’re looking for a higher education position, the sites below offer a good idea of the opportunities available to you:


For more detailed program information, please contact:

Sara Sturgeon
Department Secretary
W.W. Wright Education Building, Room 3288
(812) 856-8129

Amy Hackenberg
Program Coordinator
Associate Professor of Mathematics Education
W.W. Wright Education Building, Room 3060
(812) 856-8223