What is edTPA?

edTPA is the first nationally available, performance based assessment for beginning teachers. As a culminating assessment during student teaching, edTPA captures evidence of prospective teachers’ abilities to support students’ learning.

Candidates apply their knowledge of students and the classroom context to demonstrate competencies in the areas of planning, instruction and assessment. The edTPA process encourages feedback and self-reflection that nurtures professional growth and preparation for classroom instruction.

edTPA teaching cycle

What do Candidates have to submit?

Teacher Candidates preparing for edTPA will document their teaching abilities by submitting a collection of items that includes lesson plans, student assignments, assessments, unedited video clips of the Candidate teaching, and commentaries on student learning and how the Candidate adjusted instruction to meet student needs.

What is the Triad?

The Triad is composed of the Supervising Teacher, the University Supervisor, and the Teacher Candidate. The Triad is meant to provide direct support and insight into Teacher Candidate's classroom instruction and seminar responsibilities. The rest of the information provided on this site outlines the edTPA process paying special attention to the expectations and responsibilities of each member of the Triad.