Professional Organizations for Future Educators

Professional Organizations for Future Educators

Pre-service and in-service teachers are expected to become members of professional organizations. We strongly recommend that you join at least one as early as possible in your undergraduate career.

As a member of a professional organization, you'll gain access to a variety of print and electronic resources, be afforded opportunities to network with other educators, and expand your professional knowledge and expertise by participating in seminars and conferences. Many professional organizations also offer benefits and professional development opportunities targeted specifically toward students - often at significantly discounted membership rates.

One final and notable benefit to your membership in a professional organization is access to professional liability insurance. This insurance provides you with valuable legal protection from personal financial liability in the event of litigation resulting from incidents that may occur as part of your educational employment activities or duties. Most professional organizations will offer this insurance to you at little to no cost.

Recommended Professional Organizations:

All Educators:

Early Childhood Education:

Elementary Education:

Secondary English/Language Arts:

Secondary Mathematics:

Secondary Science

Secondary Social Studies:

Special Education:                 

World Languages: