School Psychology Student Testimonials

Ph.D. in School Psychology

Student Testimonials

When I was considering which program to attend, I felt like School Psychology PhD program at IU was an easy decision. IU's program allows for students to enter with a diverse range of career/research interests and explore these as you progress through the program. Additionally, the PhD minor system allows students to specialize in topics like Counseling Psychology or Special Education in addition to the core program of study. Ultimately, in addition to the range of options for me to pursue, the warmth and friendliness of faculty and students made me feel like I would be supported and at home during my studies.

Jack Komer

One of the best decisions I have made is committing to the doctoral program in School Psychology here at IU. The faculty is incredibly distinguished, resourceful, and available. The opporutunity to connect and build relationships with other students from diverse backgrounds with the common goal of making education more accesible to children has helped me grow as an educator, advocate, and mental health provider. I believe this program has afforded me the opportunity to passionatley and confidently serve, adovcate, and educate for better educational practices. The IU experience has been nothing short of amazing!

Jordan Amor

I earned my PhD through Indiana University’s School Psychology program. The program's commitment to excellence extended beyond the curriculum and into every aspect of the student experience. This was particularly evident in the accessibility and approachability of the faculty, who were not only highly knowledgeable in their fields, but also incredibly supportive and always available to help.

Another aspect of the program that stood out to me was the diversity of topics covered in the coursework. The classes were well-rounded and comprehensive, spanning a variety of modalities and areas of research. This approach ensured that we received a broad education and could develop a deep understanding of the field of school psychology from multiple perspectives.

What I appreciated most, was the unwavering support and encouragement I received from the faculty throughout my time in the program. Regardless of my professional interests and aspirations, they were always available to provide guidance and advice, and I never felt as though I was on my own. Even after graduation, the professors continued to provide support and maintain communication with me, which speaks volumes about their commitment to their students.

Overall, I can confidently say that the knowledge I gained from this program has been invaluable in my career. It has equipped me with the skills, tools, and mindset necessary to succeed in a challenging and ever-evolving field, and I am so grateful for the experience. I would wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone seeking a rigorous and fulfilling education in the field of school psychology. Thank you, Indiana University, for a remarkable experience.

Lena Flores (Alumni)

The School Psychology program at Indiana University Bloomington (IUB) is comprised of empowering, passionate, and driven advocates for children, families, and educators. When deciding where to attend graduate school for the next four years, I chose IUB for a number of reasons, including the following.

First, the program’s social justice mission was important to me because I knew I wanted to advocate for the protection of minoritized students’ rights, opportunities, and well-being. A social justice perspective was integrated throughout coursework and I especially appreciated group supervision where we applied what we were learning in the classroom to promote equity and fairness in our field work as future school psychologists.

Second, I chose this program for the opportunity to individualize my training. For example, I was able to choose a minor of interest to me. Through minoring in counseling psychology, I learned therapeutic skills that have helped me in my work as a school-based mental health clinician. I have also tailored my practicum experiences to my interests. This flexibility has allowed me to gain assessment and intervention experience in a variety of settings (e.g., schools, private practice, university counseling center) working with various populations. In addition, one of my favorite things about the program has been the ability to pursue research projects of interest to me. I have received ample faculty support in doing so, and have enjoyed collaborating with faculty and graduate students both within and outside of our program. More specifically, I believe the School-Based Mental Health Research and Training Initiative, led by Dr. Heather Ormiston, is a huge strength of the program.

Although there are many more strengths I have yet to describe, I ultimately, chose this program because it felt like home. So much of what makes this program stand out is the people. Surrounding myself with highly-knowledgeable and compassionate scholars who go above and beyond to make a difference has made me feel welcomed, appreciated, and supported during my training. I am grateful for the mentors, colleagues, and life-long friendships I have made during my time at IUB.

Malena Anda Nygaard

I can’t speak highly enough about IU! I returned to graduate school to be dually certified as both a school and a clinical psychologist. The School Psychology PhD program more than prepared me to support children and families across those settings. I loved that social justice was weaved throughout all aspects of the program and that there was connection throughout the university that enriched my experience. I found the CEP department to be refreshingly supportive and am proud to be a Hoosier alumni!

Laura Gumbiner (Alumni)