FAQ for Symposium in Language Education

A SLED Symposium is typically about two hours in length and includes three presentations – one by a faculty member or invited guest and two by LCLE graduate students. The SLED Symposium provides the opportunity for graduate students to share their ongoing research and receive feedback from other LCLE graduate students and faculty. Refreshments are provided and door prizes are awarded at the end of the session.

Presenters are given 20 minutes to make their presentations followed by a 5 minute question-and-answer period. It is important that presenters stay within these time limits. Session moderators will monitor the length of the presentations in order to maintain the SLED schedule. Any time a presenter uses beyond their allotted 20 minutes will be deducted from the 5 minute question-and-answer period.

Presentations can focus on research undertaken in LCLE department areas of concentration including language arts, children's or adolescent literature, ESL/EFL, foreign language teaching, and reading and literacy among others.

SLED symposiums are usually scheduled twice during each academic semester. Exact dates are determined in coordination with the LCLE department chair and SLED faculty advisor in order to avoid conflicts with other LCLE department or School of Education events.

Presentation proposals are accepted on an ongoing basis. Your proposal should include the topic of your presentation as well as an abstract of 50-100 words. Proposals can be e-mailed to Dr. Nyikos at Please include SLED Proposal in the subject line of the e-mail.

SLED Symposiums are organized and facilitated by a volunteer committee of students from the LCLE department.  Graduate students who are interested in contributing their time to be part of a future organizing committee should e-mail Dr. Nyikos at Please include SLED Organizing Committee in the subject line of the e-mail.