PagMaster's Program Planning Guide Name

Master's Program Planning Guide

Core courses will make most sense and flow most smoothly if you take:

  • R511 first
  • R521 and R621 next
  • Both R511 and R521 before R561

If you are taking two courses in a term, or two each term, you can take R511 and R521 concurrently (in fall or summer), OR R521 and R621 concurrently (fall), OR R541 and R561 concurrently (spring), OR R511 and R541 concurrently (spring).

Ideally you will complete the core before moving on to other electives-in-the-major. Practically speaking, it is possible to take some electives in IST before completing the core courses, specifically: R626 Instructional Strategies and Tactics, R519 Effective Writing for Instructional Media, or occasional courses offered online in the program (check the listings each term for any available options).

R505 Portfolio Workshop should be taken as close to the end of your complete program as possible (this includes completing your electives-outside-the-major).

P540 Learning and Cognition fills quickly every term. It's best to plan for alternatives you can use instead (such as D505) rather than to plan in that course for only one possible slot in your program.

To qualify for federal financial aid, you must be enrolled for a minimum of 4 credits in the semester in which you receive the aid. The IST department is not able to advise students regarding financial aid. Please contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance for information and assistance.