FAQs for Online Principal Licensure in Educational Leadership

FAQs for Online Principal Licensure in Educational Leadership

24 credits.

Starting in fall 2016, we will offer A500, A510, A624, A635, and A608 every semester/summer. A515, A695 and J500 are offered every fall/spring. Please remember that A695 (the practicum) is taken over two semesters even though it is only a 3 credit course. If you register in the fall, you will finish the course in the spring. If you register for the spring, you will finish the course in the fall.

Please note that offering courses is based on student enrollment. If enrollment declines, we will need to offer the above courses less frequently. We do anticipate, however, offering each required course at least two times per year.

No. It is recommended that students begin with A500 but this is not a requirement. Also, it is highly beneficial for students to have taken A500, A510, A515 and A624 prior to taking A695.

You can take this program at your own speed. Most students find that 1-2 courses in the fall and in the spring semester is a full load if they are employed full time. In the summer, students sometimes take 2-4 courses, depending on their schedules. Please note that this is a graduate program at a nationally ranked school. Our courses will be rigorous and instructors demand high expectations. Students should expect to spend at least 120 hours for each class on outside readings and assignments.

It is possible to transfer up to 6 credits from another master’s or certification program. It is up to the instructor who teaches the specific course you would like to transfer to decide whether the credits will transfer. Also, the course that you are requesting to transfer in must be deemed an equivalent of what we require in our certification program. Thus, you should supply a syllabus of the course from the other institution to the instructor who teaches this course at IU. The instructor will then decide if the course is equivalent to what we require.

Most students who seek the license have been public school teachers in Indiana who are interested in eventually becoming principals. You will not be accepted to the principal licensure program unless you have taught or been a counselor for at least two years.

You would need to check with the state licensing department in that particular state.


Generally no. There are a few courses, however, that might require permission. Please check the class notes for each class for information on who to contact if permission is required.

Although our program is completely online, a student may have the opportunity to take a face-to-face or hybrid course, if the student chooses to do so. For example, J500 is often taught face-to-face, in addition to online. IU makes no guarantees that face-to-face or hybrid programs will be offered during this online program.

Yes. You would need to first apply and get accepted into the master’s program. If you are accepted, all of these credits apply toward the master’s in educational leadership program. Please note that the principal licensure program is 24 credits and the master’s program is 36 credits.

Yes. You would need to first apply and get accepted into the Education Law Certificate program. If you are accepted, A608 and one elective from the principal licensure program would transfer into the education law certificate program. The Education Law Certificate program is 15 credits.

Yes. You would need to first apply and get accepted into the Director’s Licensure cohort. If you are accepted, it is likely that at least two courses from the principal licensure program that could count toward the Director’s Licensure program.

Yes. The 24-credit hour Indiana principal licensure courses are included in our master’s program. Please note that if you are employed in another state, it is up to the student to learn if the license will be accepted in that state. IU makes no guarantees that it will transfer. If you are unsure if you are eligible for the Indiana principal’s license, please contact the Indiana Department of Education to discuss your particular situation.

See the current rates for online graduate programs here. Students should check Student Central for future increases.

The online courses that are offered through the School of Education are primarily asynchronous, meaning that, for most activities within a given week, you would be able to participate whenever the time is most convenient for you. The online classes are structured, in that, there will be certain expectations of the student every week of the course (readings, participating on the discussion board, etc.) and there are due dates for all of your assignments. The syllabus for the courses outline what is expected from the student and gives a clear picture of what you can expect of the semester. We encourage our students to contact their instructors to see what additional requirements there might be for the class. The online classes follow the same guidelines and semester schedule as that of the on-campus classes. The flexibility that comes with online classes is in your studying and being able to adjust it around your schedule.

Although the faculty consider a variety of factors, a 3.0 undergrad GPA is usually what is expected. A minimum 3.3 GPA in graduate coursework taken prior to application is expected. Meeting the minimum GPA requirement does not guarantee admission. Please note that admission to all graduate programs is subject to availability of space. Program faculty size, the number of students already in a program, and the number and strength of new applicants all affect selection ratios in a given year.

This document was last updated on April 5, 2018. It includes a tentative schedule for courses and we will continue to revise based upon student enrollment numbers.

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