Adult Ed

Adult Education


Adult education courses are taught online using Canvas. Canvas is the Indiana University online course management system. It allows faculty and students to create, integrate, use, and maintain Web-based teaching and learning resources.

Canvas lets you participate in your courses from anywhere - your home or workplace, a library or coffee shop, or anywhere else in the world that has Internet access.

You can use Canvas to participate in course discussions, communicate individually with course mates, check the course syllabus, ask your instructor questions, share information with the class, turn in assignments, take exams, check your grades, and access course readings and podcasts and other course-related media.

Learn more by visiting the Canvas home page. Here you can take a tour of Canvas, get answers to your specific questions, and access the IU Knowledge Base. You can also read the Canvas Quick Start Guide.

You also need to be able to use a word processor application to create, save, print, and retrieve a document; cut, copy, and paste text within and between documents; and save a word processing document in a Microsoft Word compatible format (.docx).


Manage your computing accounts, forward your email, and change your passphrase at Access Management.