Approved Core Inquiry Courses

Approved Core Inquiry Courses

Core Inquiry Courses for the School of Education shall include all Y-courses offered in the School of Education EXCEPT Y500, Y510, Y590, Y660, Y690, Y795, and Y799. Note, credit will be awarded for Y520 or Y521 but not both.

Approved courses taught outside the inquiry program:

  • ANTH E600 Phenomenology and Anthropology
  • BUS K505 Quantitative Decision Models
  • BUS K512 Multivariate Statistical Analysis
  • BUS K571 Quantitative Analysis
  • BUS K572 Applied Statistics
  • BUS K605 Multidimensional Scaling
  • BUS Z634 Seminar in Applied Behavior Measurement
  • EDUC H510 Foundations of Educational Inquiry
  • EDUC H601 Historical Inquiry in Education
  • HIST H501 Historical Methodology
  • HIST H540 Quantitative Methods in History
  • ILS Z641 Computer Mediated Discourse Analysis
  • PSY P536 Theory of Tests and Measurements
  • PSY P553 Advanced Statistics in Psychology I
  • PSY P554 Advanced Statistics in Psychology II
  • PSY P654 Multivariate Analysis
  • SLST S640 Discourse Analysis
  • SOC S652 Topics in Qualitative Methods
  • SOC S659 Qualitative Methods in Sociology
  • SPEA V507 Analysis and Modeling for Public Affairs
  • STAT S501 Statistical Methods 1: Introduction to Statistics
  • STAT S503 Statistical Methods 2: Generalized linear models and Categorical data
  • STAT S640 Multivariate data analysis

Approved August 7, 2018

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