MCCSC Research Requests

MCCSC Research Requests

Policy Background

The policy for completing a formal research request in order to conduct research in any Monroe County Community School Corporation (MCCSC) school was established as part of a cooperative efforts agreement between MCCSC and Indiana University that was signed in June, 1978.

This agreement indicates that all Indiana University researchers (not just School of Education researchers) who want to conduct research in an MCCSC school are required to complete the steps indicated here prior to conducting research in any MCCSC school.

Note that the research request approval process can take between 6 and 8 weeks to conclude. Plan accordingly. If your project must be started sooner, we recommend that you reach out directly to other school corporations in the Bloomington area. A few options include:

Step One: Receive IRB Approval for Your Research

Complete the Human Subjects process at

You will need to include one digital copy of the of the approval letter/email you receive from the Office of Research Compliance in your research request. Your research request will not be submitted to MCCSC until we have this document on file.

Step Two: Complete the MCCSC Research Request Form

Download the MCCSC Research Request Form here.

Be sure to complete all fields in the request form and to physically sign the Contract Agreement (Part Three of the request form). If you are a student, you will also need to get a physical signature of your faculty advisor or instructor.

Things to note when completing this form:

  1. MCCSC administration and school officials want to be able to understand how your proposed research will impact their objectives as educators. How much time will this require from your research subject? How much will it impact instruction time for students? They also would like to understand how your research and conclusions might benefit their practice or understanding. It is important to articulate this clearly, but also as briefly as is possible to convey these messages.
  2. MCCSC schools are inundated with a variety of requests from Indiana University. In an effort to not overwhelm individual schools or teachers, this process was established to streamline all contact from researchers through this one channel. As such, you are asked to not reach out to schools directly* to gauge their interest in participating, or to seek out their impressions or suggestions regarding your project.
  3. While you are asked not to reach out to schools directly, it is a good idea to do some initial research into MCCSC schools via a web search. You can research individual MCCSC schools by visiting:

*If you have an established relationship with a school (including employment), it is natural that you would discuss and plan your research in collaboration with your colleagues in that school; however, if conducting research as part of your IU affiliation, you still must complete this process before conducting your research.

Step Two, Part Two: Getting Re-Approved if Revisions are Made to Your Previously-Approved Research

As indicated in the contract agreement of your original research request form, if you make any changes to the research you outlined, you must submit a new request for approval using the MCCSC Research Revision Approval Request. You cannot put any of these changes into motion until your revised research is approved.

Step Three: Complete the MCCSC Research Decision Document(s)

Download the MCCSC Research Decision Document here.

The MCCSC Research Decision Document is a separate form that will be used by schools to communicate their decisions regarding your request and, when applicable, what your next steps should be.

For each school that you list as preferred, you will need to fill in the top three items on the Research Request Decision Document. Submit these files individually with both your name and the schools name included in the file name (e.g., “Smith, John Research Request Decision - Grandview Elementary").

Step Four: Submit Your Research Request

Be sure to include all relevant information in your completed research request packet. Any missing or incomplete information can delay the processing of your request.

The complete Research Request Packet should be submitted electronically (via email) to Office of Research and Development ( and should include:

  • A copy of your IRB approval documentation.
  • Your Research Request Form, physically signed, then scanned into a pdf file. Keep the originals in your records.
  • Any additional documents or instruments that will be used as part of your proposed research. If the instrument was required as part of your IRB approval process, it should be included with your Research Request Packet. These instruments may include:
    • A Parent Information Letter
    • A Parent Consent Form
    • A Letter of Assent for students
    • Scripts
    • Survey questions
    • Any other test instruments or research materials.

Please note: Multiple research requests are submitted each year. As such, please include your first and last name when creating your file names (e.g., “Smith, Jane IRB Approval Doc”).

Next Steps: What Happens After You Submit Your Materials?

After you submit your packet, it will be reviewed as follows. PLEASE NOTE: This process may take between 6 and 8 weeks to complete.

  1. IU School of Education representatives will review your packet to ensure that all necessary information and documents are included, and to consider whether or not the research requested is feasible and appropriate. They will contact you for modifications/additions if necessary.
  2. Once the School of Education has approved and signed the contract agreement, it is then forwarded to the appropriate MCCSC administrator.
  3. If approved by the administration, your materials will then be forwarded to the requested school principals. Principals will communicate with their teachers and determine whether the project is one that they would like to be involved in.
  4. Once a final determination is made, the MCCSC Research Decision Document will be completed and returned to the Office of Research and Development. It will then be passed along to you for your records and next steps.
  5. If your request is approved, you should follow the requested next steps as indicated on the Research Decision Document.
  6. If your request is rejected, this decision should be considered final. Please be aware that MCCSC is a frequent partner of various members of the Indiana University community, but that they are under no obligation to accommodate requests from the university. 

Indiana University Policy for Programs Involving Children & MCCSC Background Check Requirements

In addition to the steps listed above, you will want to be sure that you and any other individuals working with minors on your behalf are in compliance with the IU Policy for Programs Involving Children. You and your colleagues will also need to ensure that you meet the background check requirements of the schools in which you are working prior to working with students.

The three main components of IU’s Programs Involving Children (PIC) Policy are:

  1. Notification: If you happen to suspect that a child is a victim of child abuse or neglect, you have a legal obligation to notify Child Protective Services, 800-800-5556, or the IU Police Department. This policy will also require you to notify the IU Director of Public Safety as well, 812-855-4296.
  2. Background Check: Each individual working with minors on or off IU campus must have an up to date background check completed through our University vendor. The process will involve your completing a Background Check Consent form and providing certain pieces of information that facilitate the check, as well as an account number. These checks are run through Human Resources on the fourth floor of the School of Education or your own campus HR department if you are not a SoE researcher and are good for five years.
  3. Program Information: The principal investigator or program organizer must complete a Program Information Form at least 14 days prior to the start of the program to notify the University of certain information about the research study and/or event(s). A new form must be completed at least once per year. A link to this form can be found at

Review the complete PIC policy at