Local teachers explore AI for their classrooms

During a lesson about using AI to help with colorblindness, teachers trained AI models to detect different colors.

Last month, the AI Goes Rural team warmly welcomed 23 K-12 educators from nine different schools across Indiana to participate in "Middle School AI Explorers: Professional Development for Educators." This engaging professional development session provided a unique opportunity for teachers to not only learn from the AI Goes Rural team but also foster collaborative learning among themselves.

The program delved into various AI topics, offering hands-on activities regarding training models through Machine Learning and harnessing Natural Language Processing to comprehend and analyze text. However, the standout moments of the professional development session were the enriching exchanges facilitated by seasoned educators, who generously shared their valuable experiences in teaching AI concepts within their own classrooms.

Workshop participants and facilitators
Workshop participants and facilitators

The event was a testament to the collaborative spirit of the teaching community, showcasing a collective dedication to advancing AI education in K-12 settings.