Superintendent council supports area school leaders

The IU School of Education’s outreach often extends throughout the community—and the Southeast Indiana Superintendent Study Council is just one example of that important work.

The Southeast Indiana Superintendent Study Council is a group of about 30-35 school superintendents from Southeastern Indiana who meet monthly for professional development and networking. For many years, the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies department has organized the council’s activities, including monthly meetings  that feature a speaker or presentation in an area relevant to practicing school leaders in Indiana. Clinical Assistant Professor Michele Moore has worked with the group since 2021. 

“The Superintendent Study Council provides school superintendents with a place to learn and grow with other superintendents. There is an opportunity to engage with mentors and receive support from other individuals who are experienced practitioners in the field,” Moore said. “The work of the school superintendent is very isolating. In many districts, the superintendent is the sole central office administrator. Developing a network of mentors and colleagues is important to the retention of superintendents. With the high turnover rate in the job, anything we can do to promote continued leadership in schools will ultimately make the school experience more stable and what's best for our students.”

The IU School of Education has always had a mission to support educators from a teacher's first classroom to school leaders with decades of experience, with Moore adding: “The School of Education plays an important role in growing school leaders and promoting education across many school settings, I am proud of what we do to improve the lives of children by our work in developing leaders.”