Bonk receives excellence in distance learning award

Curt Bonk, Professor of Instructional Systems Technology, has received the Excellence in Distance Learning Research Award in Higher Education from the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA).

The Excellence in Distance Learning Research Award is given to a person or organization that currently conducts research in the field of distance education. This award recognizes high quality research that serves to advance the field of distance learning.

“To be recognized with such an award for my research in the online and distance learning field during this time of immense attention and rapid advancement is particularly satisfying,” Bonk said. “My nomination statement also noted that I have been working in the field of distance learning since 1987. With that as a starting point, I have researched various forms of distance learning for well over three decades now.”

“Adding to the significance, my former advisee and current research colleague, Meina Zhu at Wayne State University, received the ‘Rising Star’ award from the USDLA at the same event dinner in Orlando for her early career excellence in the field of distance education,” Bonk added. “Meina has published nearly 50 peer reviewed journal articles, a book, and several book chapters since she graduated from the IST Department 4 years ago. I have never before seen such incredible early career productivity in my 34 years as a faculty member. It is people like Meina that truly made my award possible. Students in IST are remarkably committed and creative budding scholars. I have been fortunate to work with some of the very best people (all geniuses) in my recent research projects since the pandemic started, but that also stretches back to when I arrived at IU in 1992 and ever since. I owe hundreds of people many thanks and a celebratory toast or two the next time we meet up.”