Starting a new journey as a graduate student

New students in our graduate programs are starting an exciting journey in their education careers. As you begin the new semester, below are important links you will need during your program.

  • The Graduate Portal includes links to the Bulletin requirements for your program and the electronic Plan of Studies (ePOS).
  • The Degree checklists include information on documents and timelines for submission. Please click on the degree you are pursuing to see the checklist.

If you have any questions about your documents, please contact the Graduate Recorders at

Additionally, Thomas (Tom) Nelson Laird is the new Associate Dean for Graduate Studies in the School of Education. In that role, he oversees the Graduate Studies Office, which is the go-to office for questions and resources regarding program milestones, graduate program-related policies, and getting program and graduation approval. As a general rule, graduate students should bring questions to their advisors first. If a graduate student and their advisor cannot answer a question, GSO in Suite 2100  is often the next place to go (sometimes after consultation with department administration).