Getting your time at the IU School of Education off to a great start

A new school year brings with it a perfect chance to make the most of your time at the IU School of Education. Whether you’re a Direct Admit or a few years into your studies, four seniors share their best advice on how you can make this year your best yet.

Thomas Arndt

Senior, Secondary Social Studies Education with a computer science license addition

“Communicate your needs and wants with those around you. This isn't just limited to professors and advisors. Effective communication is the foundation for building relationships in and out of the classroom. Advocating for yourself now is a good step to advocating for yourself in the future workplace. Even though education is the primary goal here at IU, make sure that you are giving some time to yourself to relax. Frequent breaks in between classes and studying can allow you to destress and be better prepared at the tasks at hand. Finally, enjoy the little things. Find what you enjoy and go with it. There is so much you can do and see here. Whether it is joining a club, taking in the beauty of our wonderful campus, or simply enjoying time with friends, this experience is what you make of it.”

Melina Burnah

Senior, Elementary Education with a license addition in teaching English as a new language and a concentration in social studies

“Take advantage of everything! Getting involved in at least one SOE program will lead you to meeting so many new and friendly people (students and staff) to make IU feel like a smaller community, and a second home. Asking questions to professors and other SOE employees can lead to new opportunities and connections you may have not known about otherwise! Many are willing to be mentors to us undergraduates.”

Madi Carr

Senior, Secondary Social Studies with an ENL license and Spanish minor

“My best advice to incoming SOE students is that you are the pilot of your college experience, so you get out of it what you put into it! As a newly minted adult on your own in college, the business of making this place feel like your home is your chief undertaking. When you get involved in extracurriculars early, try as many new things as you can, say YES to new opportunities even if they are out of your comfort zone, engage in IU traditions even if they seem cheesy at first, dive deep into your coursework, and dedicate yourself to service learning and field experience work, IU and the School of Education will feel like home in no time. Welcome home, new Hoosiers!!!”

Sayla Russell

Senior, Early Childhood Education

“My best advice for new students at the School of Education would be to get involved!! Managing your studies is so important but if you're able to make time outside of schoolwork, go for it! Not only will it give you a break outside of classes and studying, but it also gives you the opportunity to meet and connect with other people. In addition, I believe it also helps students build skills and develop career readiness!”