International student ambassadors share our school’s story

Studying for a graduate degree in a foreign country can be a daunting idea. IU School of Education’s international student ambassadors are here to make it less so.

People interested in a graduate program from the School of Education can contact a current graduate student and find out more about the school, their experiences and living in Bloomington. Ambassadors are from a variety of places around the U.S. and the world, and represent different academic backgrounds and programs.

“We are excited to launch our ambassadors page because we have prospective graduate students from around the world who wonder if Bloomington and our programs are right for them,” said Sarah Lubienski, Associate Director of Graduate Studies. “This program puts prospective students directly in contact with our students from a variety of countries and degrees.”

“It can feel very risky for a student to move here without having ever had the opportunity to visit Bloomington or the United States,” Lubienski added. “Our international ambassadors let students know what it is like to live here, and they help us extend an IU welcome.”