Dean Watson signs memorandum with Beijing Normal University

Sitting at the table, from left to right: Dean Zhu Xu Dong and Dean Lemuel Watson. Standing, from left to right: Professors Song Huan, Dong Yan, Liu Jing, Liu Bao Cun, School of Education Professor Faridah Pawan and Steven Yin, Director, IU Beijing Office

This month Dean Lemuel Watson and Zhu XuDong, Dean of Faculty of Education at Beijing Normal University, signed a memorandum of intent for collaboration. The memorandum broadens collaboration pathways for all faculty members from all departments of the two schools of education to work together in common areas of research, teaching and program development. Several faculty members from both schools have already begun work on projects involving joint research, joint conferences and teacher development and professionalization programs.

Dean Watson was also at BNU as one of the invited keynote speakers at an international conference on October 19, organized by the Institute of International and Comparative Education and headed by Professor Liu BaoCun, a renown Chinese scholar in the field. Dean Watson’s keynote speech was entitled “Exploring Global Literacies for Engaging Partnerships.” The theme of the conference was Education for International Understanding in the Era of Globalization.​

BNU and the School of Education have a long-standing partnership dating back several years, with Dean Watson undertaking another recent trip to the university.