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Chad Lochmiller, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership in the department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, has won the 2018 Jack A. Culbertson Award. The award is presented annually to an outstanding junior educational leadership professor in recognition of his/her significant contributions to the field of educational leadership.

It was 7 at night in Costa Rica. The public sector strike against the government’s new reforms was underway. All doors to schools were locked tight. However, twelve students, all women between the ages of 18 and 39, sat outside their school gates with pencils, notepads and phones ready to learn.

Dena Cushenberry-Burrello, Judith A. DeMuth, James B. Luther and Frederick A. Taylor, Jr., were chosen as distinguished alumni because of their numerous contributions to the field of education, health services and veterans affairs, amongst many other achievements.

Teaching in the Navajo Nation is one option for Global Gateway students who want to stay in the United States. The program can have such an impact on students, they may go on to accept full-time positions in the communities where they taught.

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