Alumni John Ranshaw (BS Elementary Education with endorsements in Special Education (K-12) ’77) and Kate Ranshaw (BS Elementary Education with endorsements in Special Education (K-12) ‘78) have established the John and Kate Ranshaw Scholarship for Early Childhood Education to honor the degrees they earned as IU students.  Their education and experience at IU impacted the way they have approached both their lives and their careers. Both praised the value of their education degrees; although John went into business, he noted that he relied upon the skills that his education degree taught him, which led him to success.  Kate taught in a special education classroom for 20 years, as well as a kindergarten classroom for 5 years. They also spoke lovingly about their daughters, and the way in which their education degrees impacted their parenting style. 

By establishing the John and Kate Ranshaw Early Childhood Education Scholarship, the couple hopes to support future educators, because they feel strongly that working with children from a young age, special needs or not, makes a huge difference in their development, and it “can help their lives so much more.”  The legacy of the scholarship they have established will ensure that future educators will be prepared to nurture the development of more young children for years to come.