Award for Outstanding Partnership and Collaboration

Award for Outstanding Partnership and Collaboration


This award is intended to recognize recent outstanding efforts of IU School of Education faculty to develop, maintain, and grow collaborative partnerships with external entities that lead to and expand the impact of the School’s research, teaching, and service mission.


The award is limited to IUB School of Education faculty.

Each spring the School of Education Awards are made to honor Faculty work in various areas. The Annual Merit Review Process will provide the basis for identifying candidates for these Awards. In January, a call will be sent to all faculty to nominate individuals or self-nominate for one of these awards. From these nominations/self-nominations, members of the Annual Merit Review Committees (from each department and research centers) will then identify up to 10% of their faculty, based on the award criteria, to be forwarded to the appropriate selection committee by February 15. No past recipient of these awards will be considered eligible for a second award in less than a five-year period.

Award Amount

$1500 will be awarded to be deposited in the awardee’s research or other account to be used for professional purposes.


The Research, Development, and External Partnerships Committee will use the following criteria to review each nominee's materials:

  • Nominee’s involvement in generating and maintaining the partnership (e.g., nominee’s initiatives to start the partnership; continued partnership from previous collaborations, etc.). 
  • Extent to which partnership activities have addressed critical needs at the state, national, and/or international levels (e.g., impact of partnership activities on addressing the identified need).
  • Extent to which partnership activities have positively impacted various groups at the local, state, national, and/or international levels (impact on specific groups or individuals with regards to achievement, quality of life, educational opportunities, etc.).
  • Extent to which the partnership activities led to additional resources (e.g., internal or external funding, outside sponsorships)

Nomination Materials (to be prepared by the nominee)

The nominee should prepare a succinct electronic packet of materials for the Committee reviewers, including:

  1. Statement describing achievements associated with partnerships/collaborations that go beyond the scope of the nominee’s roles and responsibilities within the School of Education.
  2. Letter from a colleague attesting to the nature and significance of the work. 
  3. Full CV, with partnerships/collaborations highlights.


  • Heather Ormiston


  • Kyungbin Kwon


  • Theresa Ochoa


  • Anne Leftwich