Outstanding Adjunct Instructor Award

Outstanding Adjunct Instructor Award

This award is open to all School of Education Adjunct Instructors regardless of their area of teaching. Previous winners, however, are not eligible for the award.

This year, Adjunct Instructors who are selected will receive a cash award of $500. The review of Adjunct nomination materials and the decision regarding recipients of the awards, will be undertaken by the Faculty Development Committee.

The Adjunct Instructor teaching awards are presented in the spring at the annual "Celebration of Excellence" ceremony in the SoE auditorium.

The deadline for the submission of electronic materials is March 1, 2022.

  1. A 1-2 page statement composed by the nominee that includes a discussion of how their educational philosophy is implemented in practice and a critical self-analysis of their teaching during the previous year;
  2. Copies of student evaluations from the previous year; and
  3. A copy of the syllabus from each course taught during the previous year

Do not include any additional material as it will not be considered. Each file should be converted to PDF format and appropriately named. Candidates should contact Maria Jensen (jensen5@indiana.edu) to receive a link to submit materials. The Faculty Development Committee will determine the recipient. The Teaching Awards are presented in the spring at the annual Celebration of Excellence Ceremony in the SoE auditorium.

  • Mike Karlin
  • Lisa Hornibrook
  • Melissa McNabb
  • Melissa McNabb
  • Lucy Carspecken
  • Kathy Pomeroy
  • Mary Ziskin
  • Alli Suzanne Fetter-Harrott
  • Timothy Donovan 
  • Maria Ghiso 
  • Tim Davis 
  • Catherine Diersing 
  • Richard Reed 
  • Lisa Meunier 
  • Barbara Korth

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