Faculty & Budgetary Affairs

Faculty & Budgetary Affairs

This committee shall be concerned with policies related to faculty grievances, promotion, tenure, reappointment, recruitment, search and screen, load, merit review, sabbatical leaves, etc. It shall also make recommendations to the Dean regarding sabbatical leaves and shall advise the Dean on budgetary affairs. When dealing with matters of faculty affairs, the student and staff members shall not vote.

Members (2022-2023)

E. BolingIST20-23
E. GalindoC&I21-24
B. Dennis, co-chairCEP21-24
A. Miller, co-chairCPR21-24
A. WaltonELPS22-25
D. NordC&I22-25
M. Jensen Staff
T. AriyaratneStudent
V. TorresExecutive Associate DeanEx-Officio

Committee Reports

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