Diversity Committee

This committee shall institutionalize diversity initiatives that become a lasting form of institutional commitment demonstrated to external and internal constituencies of the School of Education. Diversity initiatives target groups that have historically been discriminated against, excluded, or marginalized in school and society. Diversity initiatives in the School of Education address the following three areas: 1) Climate and Culture, 2) Curriculum, and 3) Recruitment and Retention. This committee shall collaborate with other standing committees to carry out its charge.

Members (2023-2024)

E. JacobsonC&I21-24
J. Danish (Co-Chair)LDAE22-25
A. Maltese (Co-Chair)C&I22-25
V. VellankiCEP/C&I23-26
C. PriddieCPR23-26
V. DimitrieskaR&D23-26
F. PawanLDAE23-26
K. PaulCRLT23-26
N. BoatnerStaff
O. EffnerStudent
O. CopelandStudent
C. DarnellAssistant Dean, Diversity, Equity and InclusionEx-Officio


Committee Reports