Agenda Committee

Agenda Committee

The Agenda Committee shall be responsible for:

  1. preparing and distributing the agenda for each Policy Council Meeting.
  2. serving as the input vehicle for all matters referred to the Policy Council.
  3. deciding whether matters for consideration are matters of policy or administration and report same to council.
  4. referring matters concerning policy to the Policy Council or the appropriate committee, and referring matters concerning administration to the appropriate administrative official of the School. It shall report to Policy Council the disposition of all matters referred to it.
  5. seeking faculty preferences and appointing members to the Policy Council standing committees.
  6. advising the Policy Council regarding need for an ad hoc committee should the nature of the matter require it.

Members (2022-2023):

  • Karen Wohlwend (Chair)
  • Danielle DeSawal
  • Rob Kunzman

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