Dr. Ted S. Hasselbring

Dr. Ted S. Hasselbring Chair in Special Education Technology

School of Education distinguished alumnus Ted Hasselbring, B.S. ’71, M.A. ’73, Ed.D. ’79, is a professor emeritus of special education at Peabody College of Vanderbilt University. For over thirty-five years, Hasselbring conducted research on the use of technology for enhancing learning in students with mild disabilities and those who are at-risk of school failure and served as co-director of the Learning Technology Center, where he conducted research on using technology to provide focused intervention in reading and mathematics. His research resulted in several widely used computer-intervention programs, the most notable being READ 180, a program that has helped millions of students learn to read with confidence, ability and passion.

In 2000, Hasselbring left Vanderbilt and joined the faculty of the University of Kentucky as the William T. Brian Professor and Endowed Chair in Special Education Technology. While at Kentucky he also served as the executive director of the National Assistive Technology Research Institute. In 2006, Hasselbring returned to Vanderbilt to resume his research and development activities in computer intervention.

As a way to show his deep appreciation for the education he received at the IU School of Education and his support for education technology, he endowed the Dr. Ted S. Hasselbring Chair in Special Education Technology. Thank you, Ted! Your generosity will impact the special education field for years to come.