Gamze Ozogul

Associate Professor

Where does your international research/engagement take place?
It took place in Kosovo, USAID project Transformational Leadership Project (led by Jeff Anderson)

Please briefly describe your research/activity.
In 2015 the Center for International Education, Development and Research (CIEDR) and University of Pristina’s Faculty of Education (FE) in Kosovo as part of the Transformational Leadership Program. Co-funded by USAID and the Kosovar government and administered by World Learning. I was one of the faculty members working to mentor a group of faculty members to conduct research and help them publish. I delivered hands on workshops and worked with a group of faculty through all phases of research.

Why does your research/activity matter?
It mattered so much, because it was truly transformative for me and for them and for many generations to come in FE in University of Pristina. By doing research together, going through cycles of review, acceptance processes together we built skills and confidence for University of Pristina Faculty members, and now I see them independently conduct and publish their research, their work is represented in research communities Kosovo and get promoted in their faculty ranks due to these publications

What led you to this research/activity?
For me its an equity, access and sharing sources issue, I feel so lucky at IU that we have access to many sources, but not all faculty around the world do (as an international scholar, I am aware of various barriers)- so how can I be a source & share sources, and empower them.

Being able to bring sources to them, Eagerness of professors to work w me & learnin from each other. & how this project outcomes will transform their lives made me stay and complete the project even after funds ran out.

What problem do you hope this research/activity will solve/what are your hopes for this work?
This project was trying to build capacity in University of Pristina, to make it more research oriented, have their faculty conduct research and publish their research in SSCI journals. I am very proud that my group and I were able to publish our research in a SSCI journal. I am very hopeful because now I get personal notes/emails from my group whenever they publish independently, and they give credit to this transformative experience.

How will your work create change for the better?
The project gave skills, experience and confidence of going through a research cycle (from proposal- to publication including various revisions and interactions with reviewers). With these notes/emails I'm receiving 2 years after the project, I know that this will stay with the professors and with the next generations they are mentoring. Also, I am hoping that it will lead to many research & successful research publications coming out from that region, and will contribute to scientific community.